Cant access internet when firewall is turned on

Hi Folks, I have a problem with zonealarm firewall, I cant acces the internet when it is turned on (I cant turn on windows firewall at all,for some reason, but thats a seperate issue.I have looked, and it seems way to complicated for me).So anyway, I can show you all a screen shot of my settings, and this is my i.p. address (I have blocked parts of it for security reasons, I dunno if thats necessary) and the zones I have allowed show my I.P. address as trusted?:cry: Hope someone can offer some insight , cause I am stumped !!!zone.JPG


Vista Guru
That might be a question for ZoneAlarm Forums:

I used ZoneAlarm Free Firewall at one time, but decided to uninstall it. Frankly, that might be your best move. In that case, it might prove necessary to download and run the ZoneAlarm Uninstall Utility. Good luck!