Can't access System Properties, window flashes closed Shadow volume?


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HP Pavilion dv7
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not sure if I have Vista update2, can't access System Properties to find out.

My issues started last night. I noticed that my Sidebar was showing but nothing was in it. I went to properties and there were no gadgets listed. I tried downloading a *new* gadget but it wouldn't load. I restored my computer to 3 days ago. Still had the same problem.

I also realized today that I have no access to Admin functions. I can't right click my Computer icon and access system properties. I can't get the update Windows icon to check or update my windows. I can't access "User Groups" from the control panel.

Also I have been getting two error messages consistently:

The Volume Shadow Copy service used by System Restore is not working. For more information view the event log.(0x81000202)

Please close System Restore and try again.


MMC cannot open file c:\Windows\System32\CompMgmt.msc

I did go to the run window and ran the following:

net user administrator /active:yes

I restarted and the Admin account loaded. HOWEVER, when I went to see the sidebar, again it was empty *and* I had no access to system functions.

I am at a complete loss as to what to do. I noticed that the computer has some of the symptoms of the Conficker virus but I have a good protector and I scanned my system and it said it was virus free...

That is at least enough information to get started... Thank you in advance for any help you can offer... short of reinstalling Vista I am out of ideas.


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