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Can't find my Webcam software!

Hi. I'm new and I'm desperate.
I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 and I've shot videos before but I can't remember how I did it. Now I can't find the darn Webcam driver!!! But I can use Skype with video. Doesn't this mean the my webcam is just fine? Despite it working fine, when I'm on my desktop and I try to activate the Webcam Control Center it tells me that I don't have a driver installed. I'm totally confused! BTW I have 32 bit Vista.

TIA. I hope this isn't one of those dopey posts...
Oh gosh, Richard. The webcam works just fine when I'm in Skype. But I can't get it to just shoot a video of me. When I click on Webcam Console on my desktop (that big toolbar at the top of the screen) it just tells me that my webcam driver is not installed.


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I would think that you need software for that.
Check your manual.
I will try to find it online. Will report back if I do.
Wait! I just found something weird!
I found "Webcam Central" on my desktop and that works!!!!!!!
I also have "webcam console" on my desktop and that doesn't work!!
Vista is so screwed up!
Anyway, I can use the Webcam Central to record video. Go figure.
Thanks for your help!


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While you were doing that, I was in Google. Seems to be a common problem with the webcam, but so far no answers.