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Ewa Vista

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The problem is in the title. My computer will not record anything. Not from a cassette deck, neither from a microphone. There were two things I did before even trying to record anything, perhaps it screwed something up.
1. I installed VLC media player (to be able to watch video DVDs - other progrms refused to do it on this computer. It was a drag.)
2. I installed Sound Forge 7.0. A mistake I guess, seems it's not compatible. I uninstalled the program, but it didn't help.

Otherwise the sound works, the mic also - with Winamp shoutcast for example. But it won't record. It might be that it would, but for some reason the recording sound level is frozen at close to 0 level and it won't budge - in Sound Recorder that is, a program that came preinstalled. In the shop they've tried to help, but to no avail, and if I got it right they could not change the recording sound level for Windows Movie Maker, which they used to test the problem. The recording level in the sound options in control panel is on max, but it doesn't help. What to do?

Oh yes, and it just stopped voice info om avast updates. Just some days ago. But maybe that's not related.

I'm no computer wizzard, so if someone could help in a simple English...

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