Can't remember password on old Laptop


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A few years ago I lost the power cable for my Sony Vaio, it was a malfunctioning anyway so I left it. :eek::cry:

I recently found a cable that fit but do not remember the password. I have no recovery. How can I access all my old photos and documents?

(Windows Vista Home Premium)

Thank you!

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Take the hard drive out and put it in a caddy, plug it into another computer and access the drive like any other drive

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    Only ever used a laptop.
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You can use Kyhi's Bootable Rescue Disk. It's a live version of Windows. No files are written to your hard drive. To use a flash drive, first make the flash drive bootable. Then extract the files inside the ISO file to the flash drive. Then boot from the flash drive. If your current PC is Windows 8, 8.1 or 10, right click the ISO file and choose "mount". Then copy all the files to the flash drive. If your current PC is Windows 7, you are going to need a program like 7Zip. It's free and easy to use. Install 7Zip, then create a new folder and place the ISO file inside the new folder. Right click on the ISO and from the 7Zip menu click on "Exract Here". After all the files are extated, copy them to the flash drive.

You can also durn the ISO file to DVD and boot from that. Then copy all your personal files to a flash drive or portable hard drive.

Here re is the link to Kyhi's Rescue Disk. Also download the x86 version.

Windows 10 Recovery Tools - Bootable Rescue Disk - Windows 10 Forums

Download page for 7Zip


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