Solved Change User Account info

Graham Musician

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I know this has been discussed before so please forgive me if I am naive. I am pretty computer literate but a) I have just joined this group and b) I have only just progressed to Vista.
I have a problem and it's bugging me to the point of turning me neurotic!! I bought my Vista laptop from "Comet" and I have no idea how to delete all of their information from my computer. Whatever I do the folder C/Users/Comet appears everywhere - hundreds of times in the registry. I cannot delete it from User Accounts because for some reason it doesn't appear there at all - just my own admin account. It will not allow me to rename it (that would just screw up the system anyway, I expect). I want to remove all references to COMET. But how?
What if I took it back to the shop? But would my data be and settings preserved?


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Hello Graham, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You cannot rename the C:\Users\Comet folder. Changing the name only changes how the name that appears in the Start menu, then both names are attached to that user account.

To change this completely, you will need to create a new administrator account. Afterwards, copy the contents of your C:\Users\Comet folders into the corresponding new account's C:\Users\(user-name) folders to keep your settings. If everthing checks out ok, then you can delete the old account from within your new account.

Hope this helps,