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Changing Audio Jack output (from headphone to Mic in/line in)

Hi there,

I have an Asus G 50vt, a few days ago I had it hooked up to a stereo system and tripped on the wire connected to the Audio jack. The Headphone jack now has half of the head stuck inside and I was unable to remove it.

I am wondering if there is a way to reassign the headphone output to the Line in or Mic in jacks?
Any help would be appreciated
I know you can do that, I have seen it with some creative programs, im not too sure if your asus will do that, but I think the easiest option is to get that headphone jack out. you'd be surprised how easy it can be once you open your laptop up. another option (i would think - but try last) would be to get some super glue (only a little bit) and try to stick something to that headphone output to pull it out. - i was about to suggest soldering something, but dont worry about that, small amount of superglue might be the way to go alternatively buying an external sound card might be an option $20US
I have tried superglue, something like 7 times, all unsucessful. I think it is because when i tripped it pulled at the jack at an angle.

I have a desktop that allows me to change the outputs to various jacks and I was hoping there would be a program as such which would allow me to do that on my notebook. :)


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Hav you got a pair of long-nosed or needle-nosed pliers? If so, is there anything that you can get a grip on to pull the offending plug out?
My old desktop had a similar program, im not too sure if that would work for a laptop though. i was thinking of using a soldering iron earlier, but maybe that's a bit too hardcore.
The best thing I could think of would be to open up the laptop and try and get it out from the inside. or if its still under warranty to send it in and get them to do the dirty work.
I have seen previous posts about things stuck in the audio jack. It seems it is fully enclosed and if I were to open up the laptop to access the jack, then might as well replace the whole jack.

I was hoping that There can be some REgistry edit or driver mod that allows the output jack to be changed.
if u go to asus you can download a driver for your soundcard its realtek i think then open it up and click on the jacks to change, hope this helps.