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checking file system,can;t finish it


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Hello guys,
I have a hp pavilion,i bought it 3 years ago and i updated in windows 7 ultimate.Before 1 month,i booted my pc and it got stuck in the start up,after a lot of reboots i managed to log in and do my job in the pc,but the problem started to getting more dangerous.My computer was suddenly shut down or did a reboot,or freezed and the clock was changed on 1 january 2006 .I decided to do a format and to go back in windows vista home edition 32x.After 2 days i had the same problems as before.Today i booted my pc and i got a blackscreen and the system does "checking file system on c:".I tried to skip it and i got another blackscreen and i can only move the mouse,if i let it to check the system,it stuck on 26 percent and then it goes in blackscreen and i can only move the mouse.I search in the internet and i tried every solution.I tried to do system recovery but it says that i can't,i tried to boot it from the last successfull boot but i had the same problem,in safe mode i have the same problem,i tried through the command prompt to disable the 'checking file system"(when i booted my pc i got 2 options ,the first is to try to fix the boot and the second is to start the windows normally,i chose the first and thats how i opened the command prompt),and finally i put out the battery of bios but nothing.A friend told me that is a problem of my hard drive or my bios battery?any help?

sorry about my bad english

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