Civil War Collection


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I'm not into games big time but the ones I do like , I like a lot.

I thought I'd nothing to lose by installing an old one...Sid Meier's Civil War Collection. It came out in the middle 1990's & has always been my favorite. It never would play right on XP (no sound) when XP was released although there is one XP patch that allows partial sound in the Gettysburg part. The best one though is the Antietam battle but I never could get the sound to work.

Anyway I installed it on my Vista64 & , to my surprise , it all plays great !! I did not even have to do any compatibility setups.

The ironic thing is how the game uses hardware resources. I have a 8800GT GNU & it hardly raises its temp a degree. But my CPU (Xeon E3110 Wolfdale 3.0GHz) gets a real workout.

Don't know why the game works in Vista64 but not XP. I'm just glad it does. So if anyone has some oldie but goodies laying around thinking they'd never work in Vista should think again & give them a try.