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Comodo Dragon vs Firefox

I been a Firefox guy until I was browsing through the Comodo website for some system security tools when I saw they had a web browser. So I went ahead and downloaded it and using it now.

Now I am comparing the two. Firefox I am seeing is much more of a memory hog than Dragon is (By like 10-13k) and that is my current appeal of it over Firefox (That is with also Firefox on No Add-ons mode)

So what do you guys think I should stick with.

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My Firefox is running at 374,600K with a fair few addons. Personally I would use Firefox due to the ability to install addons but if you don't use them just choose whichever one you want, try comparing the two.

Try using the acid3 test:

The Acid3 Test

It compares how fast pages loads. (my Firefox does 97/100 with about 20 addons installed and my IE9 does 97/100)

For security, Firefox 4 with NoScript and Adblock Plus would be as secure as you'd ever need to be on the net


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