Solved comp wont boot after installing vista 32 SP 2

I am using a Dell computer, with Windows Vista 32 bit.

My former hard drive was corrupted, so I got a brand new hard drive, installed Windows Vista 32 bit, and began downloading updates. Clearly, there were a lot of updates, but when all the recommended updates were down, I selected optional ones that consisted of the Anti-Spyware, silverlight, one other, and Service Pack 2.

When I downloaded them, and installed them, it prompted me to restart, of course.

However, the computer stayed at the black screen with the moving bar in the middle, saying "Microsoft Corporation" on it. I gave it plenty of time, having left and come back about 2 hours later.

Turning my computer off and trying again didn't help.

looking at some forums, I restarted it, again, and boot it in Safe Mode, which it did. While in windows Safe Mode, it showed Service Pack 2 installed, but I opened system restore, to restore my computer prior to the installation of SP 2. I began the process, and it shut down and began restarting, again, but it ended up going to the exact same screen.

Then, I rebooted it, tried to enter safe mode again (my plan was to remove the update, that I read you could do somewhere), but then it just ended up restarting and going to the same place again.

Then, I inserted the windows CD, and boot it from there, and selected "Repair Computer", which it went through some steps, suggested system restore, which I said yes to (there was, in fact, a restore point before the installation), and it proceeded from there. However, it ended up going to the exact same "loading" screen as it was before.

So now, I don't think I can enter safe mode anymore, and I'm not sure how to utilize the OS CD to repair it. I'm not sure what to do from here! Should I try to repair it through the CD, again, since it said something like "this may require multiple attempts".

I just got done installing EVERYTHING on my computer again, and this SP2 is causing me problems, I REALLY don't want to have to do this process all over again.

Can anyone help me?

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