compaq persario sr5350f


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Hi everyone. I have just been given a compaq persario sr5350f.
this pc came with a vista os and seems to 32 bit because it maxs out at 2gb according to what I read. The pc now has a xp os and I want to put win 7 on it . I have been told that the Vista drivers will work. Does anybody have these drivers or know where to find them.I am afraid to download them from the various commercial and free sites. Thanks Matilda

wither 3

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Hi matildax-

From what you said, the Vista OS has been replaced by XP. It doesn't matter because the Windows 7 installation will include it's own drivers. The only issue will be if those drivers will be compatible with your installed components.

By the way, Vista doesn't max out at 2 GB unless you have the Starter (1 GB) or Home Basic (2 GB) version. For all other versions, the maximum usable RAM is 4 GB.


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Apparently HP has taken that model off of it's website so the only way to get drivers is from third party sites. It's on the list of retired products. @wither3 the computer is only designed for 2 gb of ram max. If you can find Vista drivers most of them should work on 7. I've had a few drivers though not work.

A couple of years ago I was able to repurpose my Mom's old compaq to a 2008 r2 server. It came with Vista but Compaq at that time had Windows 7 drivers. However I had to install a few of them manually after extracting the drivers from the installer. I don't remember what the model is.