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Connect to a network very slow

Melbourne, FL
Hi all,

I am converting from windows xp pro to vista 32 enterprise edition at work. Unfortunately, my work needs to be able to dial into servers around the USA. I have 50-75 dial up connections. I tried taking the rasphone.pbk over to Vista and it seemd to take however, everytime I try to use it via the ICON and connect to a network, it takes 30-45 seconds to pop up. I can use the shortcut to network connections but when I go to dial out, it takes a log time to pop up again. I tried taking the XP computer and upgrading it to Vista. Same problem. Also, my initial connection to the internet is very slow, but is very quick if i remove the rasphone.pbk file. The only thing I haven't tried is manually entering in each connection, however, I have seen other posts about people with alot of VPNs having similar problems therefore, I think it is a VISTA bug.
Any ideas??:mad:

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