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Connecting Acer Aspire to sony TV with HDMI

Help ............ I'm trying to connect my Acer Aspire x1700 (Vista Home Prem) to my Sony Bravia TV using an HDMI cable. Both the PC and TV have female HDMI jacks and I thought I followed the install steps as per the instructions but no joy!!:sa:

Appreciate any help.
TV Screen is blank. I'm using the 2nd HDMI jack on the TV. I tested the new cable I purchased using the HDMI1 jack and it worked fine with the DVD player.

I've gone thru 'Personalize' 'Display Settings' and attempted to activate the 2nd monitor but no luck.
Is this a laptop or pc? I am not familiar with Acer models. If it is a laptop do you have a "Function Key" with a picture of a monitor on it. If you do, press the Fn key and that key with the HDMI cable connected. Also, since the new cable works with a DVD in the HDMI1 slot, have you tried that cable in the HDMI1 slot with the pc?
One more thing to try. Go into Windows Media Center and see if you can config it to see your TV. I went in to my Window Media Center and started the setup and got to where it gave me a choice of another TV.
don't know your tv, but mine once I plug the hdmi cable in. I have to go to "source button" on the tv and choose "DVI" ... yours may have a different button , but should be something like that... hope this helps, good luck !!

ps: on a side note for mine i had to run a separate cable to get the sound to come through the tv...