Control keys are not working after reinstalling OS


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Dear All,

I had a problem of 'Sudden shut down'. I have get it fixed by Professional.

I have reinstalled Vista OS with the CD provided by Dell and performed Disk partition. Now, I am facing the below issues.

1.Alt+F4 to close any window/browser is not working

2.When I clicked on 'Personalize' by right clicking on the desktop, I am encountering an error message saying that you have restrictions on the computer. Contact your system administrator.

3.While sending mails through IE browser, in the mail text box, when I select the text and Ctrl+B or Ctrl+U or Ctrl+I are clicked, the text is not getting reflected in bold/underline/Italic manner respectively.

Please let me know if I missed out anything while reinstallation,disk fragmentation process. I have installed the drivers CD also, Webcam is also not working for me.

I would really appreciate if you shed some light on the above issue and provide your inputs.


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have you got the latest drivers for it?

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