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Control Panel Opens then Closes

Does Anyone have any info on this issue, to date I have been searching forums and sites to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated
This has happened on 2 machines that I am aware of, When you click on the Control Panel Icon from the Start Menu, it opens and then closes imeadiately. However the Admin Tools option can be launched from the RunBox. Control Panel we have tried to launch from the RunBox with no success..

System Specs are:
Machine #1
Gateway GL5674 Desktop
Windows Vista 32bit Home Edition
AMD Athlon Dual Core CPU
Smart Media reader
Built on Sound and Video
3gb Ram
250gb SATA Hard Drive

Machine #2
HP Laptop
Windows Vista Business Edition
Intel Core Duo 2.33
CD Rom Drive
Hard Drive
2gb Ram
80GB Hard Drive
Express Card Slot

This doesnt seem to be a machine specific issue,
These 2 customers stated windows defender was possibly

This is all the info I have available.

In the past the only solution was to format and reload the OS.
I was asked to look at a Windows Vista laptop computer where the Control Panel would not stay open. I also found that the Windows Update would not run. I tried two system restores which did not resolve the problem. I also tried restarting the License Service which did not work. I did find that Control Panel ran in Safe Mode.

I then went to Microsoft and downloaded the Vista SP1 and installed it. The problem was resolved by installing the Vista SP1.

If you already have Vista SP1 installed, try system restore prior to Vista SP1 and then go to Microsoft to download the Vista SP1 and reinstall.

I also ran AVG and Spybot and found nothing.

Hope this helps others having this problem, Frank