Couldn’t install xp so I did vista instead, drivers won’t work for some reason


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Ok yes I am aware that vista is unsupported for my computer however most drivers were able to be installed for my brand computer such as intel graphics 4000 and the audio driver. I also was able to install the mousepad and found a driver for windows vista with my intel centrino adapter. I want to know has anyone else been able to get other drivers to work? I was able to install my driver “Dell broadband 5560 manager” it’s a cellular driver for windows. If not, what could I do to get this driver to work, if possible? I wanted to install the oldest working system I could, The reason I installed vista was because everytime I tried to boot xp it crashed and those drivers I used that worked for Vista were mainly for xp but it kept crashing so I did vista instead. When I launch the broadband manager it just says “it’s not communicating” and I tried device manager but it recognizes that it’s installed but says “no drivers are installed for this device”. It shows a drive with a question mark as its icon when viewing in device manager. Does anyone know a way to force this driver to work? Even WiFi works to so basically everything works, hopefully it’s work getting it to work, I can always boot windows 10 as well since that’s installed on my system as my primary boot partition.

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You could try this attached driver it says it supports vista


  • DW5560 HSPA+ Mobile Broadband
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