cover images of .pdf files in explorer, can't see the 'cover images'


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Okay, here's the deal.

In XP on my laptop when I go to the folder that has some of my books in it in .pdf format, if I set the 'VIEW' to SMALL ICONS, MEDIUM ICONS, LARGE ICONS I can see what the cover of the book looks like. This makes it so that I don't always have to READ the title of the book to grab the one I need. However, I can't put all my books on my laptop and do most of my work on my desktop.

Here's the rub ... my desktop is running VISTA and when I go to any folder that has books in it in .pdf format, no matter which 'VIEW' I choose, all I see is the Adobe PDF logo.

Can someone help me fix this so that I can see the 'book covers'? PLEASE?

If you need pictures of what I'm talking about, please ask and I'll put them up for you to see.


P.S. I have posted this same issue at GeekstoGo and had no help. I was hoping I could get help here cuz this is just about Windows

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