Solved Create an account without a logon icon


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I haven't found this from searching yet.

I want to create a "system account" in vista 64 bit Ultimate. It's just a user account, it will have a profile but 99% of the time no one will log in interactively with this account, more often with just the RunAs option.

Once I created this account though, I have another icon for it on the logon screen! :confused: How can I get rid of this icon? I don't want other people who use this PC to log on like that.

It's a normal local account, non domain environment. I was hoping to find a "Do not display a logon icon" checkbox where you change the icon pic or something simple.



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Hello Pdwyer,

If you are just worried about someone logging on to that account, then you could password protect it to prevent them from doing so.

If you really do no want the icon there, then you can hide the user account to do so. Be sure to read the information at the top of the tutorial at that link though for how to access it after it has been hidden.

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Hi pdwyer,

Since you are using may also try the following method, if other users are confortable in typing there username too...

Open gpedit.msc from start menu.
navigate to Computer configuration-->Window Settings-->Security
Settings-->Local Policies-->Security Options and open "interactive logon: Do Not Require CTRL+ALT+Delete" on the right side windows and disable it.