Creating a network drive?

Sorry if this is the wrong place to be asking this, but how can I create a network drive that multiple things can connect to? Right now, I have file and media sharing turned on with the laptop as where the files are stored, but I can't access them on other devices if it's in sleep mode. Is there a way to create a drive that will stay active even when the laptop isn't? No new hardware would be appreciated, budget's kind of tight right now.

Also, I know next to nothing about networking. I'm happy to have my Xbox 360 play music and videos from my laptop.

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If a computer is in sleep mode than the hard drive isn't running and the computer isn't access the network so no it can't be accessed by other systems while it is asleep you can however get an external drive designed for network access. As for file sharing please see this tutorial.

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Easiest is use a usb drive and a router that has a usb support..

What router are you using?

You might be able to setup for Wake on Lan... but not sure.

If you are looking for a real solution you should get a basic NAS. There are many levels from $20 models you plug usb drives in to, up to $1000 ones that are super duper.

But post up your router and we can help more.

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