Solved Dangers of using ComboFix by yourself

Yard Dog

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You should not run ComboFix unless you are specifically asked to by a helper. Also, due to the power of this tool it is strongly advised that you do not attempt to act upon any of the information displayed by ComboFix without supervision from someone who has been properly trained. If you do so, it may lead to problems with the normal functionality of your computer.

It should also be noted that when you run ComboFix it will automatically delete files from the following locations:

Windows Recycle Bin
Temporary Internet Files
Temp Folder

Reason for me posting this is that a user just came into our Forums and had already run combofix by himself. Little did he know what it does automatically, there is no telling whether the user also had it do other functions. He now has some major registry errors, and has now posted his combofix at Bleeping Computer.