Data execution prevention....


I have a strange situation involving some software by ULEAD and DEP...
I recently got an 'easyCAP' dongle for capturing video from a composite source.
I installed the device and tweaked its settings till I got it to work.
I play a bit of online poker and use 'PKR'.....when I run the app the program it now crashes and tells me DEP closed it....(It's always been fine till I installed ULEAD)...
If I try and exclude PKR, it won't allow me and says the app won't run without dep enabled !
So, into msconfig, disabled the ulead associated service(s) at startup and try avail....
I uninstalled the video software and deleted its reg keys and it still didn't work !
So, I done a system restore as a last resort and all is well now.
To confirm the problem was related to this software I re-installed it and got the same result and done it all again !
Would anyone out there have any idea WHY some video capture software would prevent PKR executing ? (And a possible work-around) !?


Vista Guru
I have a similar problem in that DEP won't let me run my nvidia control panel and adjust the settings on my video card. I try to tell DEP to monitor all programs but this one, and it tells me it won't let me do that. I dislike programs that act like that. Intensely dislike.

DEP may be a good idea, but I don't think so in this instance.

I have AVG paid anti-virus and I scan with Malwarebytes and Ad-Aware regularly.


I managed to temporarily resolve this by a sys-restore. Oddly if I run DXDiag it tells me the date of the driver for my graphics card (HD4850) is dated 2009 !
Even though I've just downloaded and installed the latest up to date version !
Anyway, def a pain in the **** is D.E.P. ...!
Regarding 'I have AVG paid anti-virus and I scan with Malwarebytes and Ad-Aware regularly' ?
Why ?
Install Security essentials !
No more 'premium' virus protection that tells you everything and yet, does nothing but tie up system resources, carry out scans that do nothing and couldn't detect anything worth detecting other than possible false positives to make your purchase seem sort-of 'justified' !!!