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Are there any known issues with Internet Explorer beta 8 and downloaded files simply go away as in (Poof!) not there. During download I get the standard choose download location, choose the location fine no problem. Then I get the standard progress bar, then at the end of the download I get another progress bar showing the actual copying of the file from the temp. location to the designated directory that I had chosen. I go there and no file, nothing. I've searched no luck, I've tried designating a file location on my C:\ drive same thing no luck. Tried the same files with Firefox no problems at all.
Sorry, if I may be in the wrong forum, for this one.
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antivirus caused this problem to me...particularly, I was using Avira .
Try disabling your antivirus and try again.If this is the case, change your antivirus or wait for/download IE8 updates

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