dell 964 printer to windows vista


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can anyone walk me through how to get my dell 964 all in one printer to work with my windows vista home premium i did a search but those threads did not help me thank you


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Hello samurizer99 and welcome to the forums :party:

Is this printer plugged straight into your computer? Or is it hooked up to your wireless network?



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Hi samurizer99,

The following page contains downloads for the user guide and owner's manual for your specific printer and includes installation instructions: Documentation.

If you need drivers, firmware, and/or software for your printer (and it seems your printer uses all three), they are available for download at the following location (and you should do so unless you just did so as the problems may be caused by updates to whatever you are using now - NOTE: I assumed you have a 32-bit system, if it is 64-bit you will need to revise the search so it provides the correct versions of these downloads): Drivers & Downloads.

I hope this helps. If you still have problems, please explain them in as much detail as possible and include any error messages word-for-word. Also explain how the printer is connected to your computer.

Good luck!


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Re: printer trouble

Dont forget the extra little steps, that help very often; such as unplugging and unattaching other hardware.
I think with all this information you are pretty well set. If you do experience problems just post. Since installing a printer is not that difficult general or specific information can usually get the job done.
I feel that the information on the SPECIFIC printer,although nice to have, give the same general information as the specific manual.
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I wish you luck! You have been given excellent general advice, and I wish you the best of luck. The Dell All in One (AIO) range have an absolutely dire reputation on Vista :(

I never got my Dell 944 scanner to work, and over two years, the printer has only worked for a cumulative two months. It worked perfectly in XP, it has gone through two clean installs, and tens of hours of my time.

I wish you luck!