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Dependency service or group fail to start

I have a HP Pavilion a6400f desktop running Vista Home Premium and IE7 as browser.
After a blue screen crash, the system recover itself, but has since then been unable to connect to the internet or to my network. I get the red X in the lower right side corner of the screen. When I point to it says "Connection status: unknown
the dependency service or group fail to start."
When I click Diagnose and repair, a window comes up saying "network diagnostics cannot run because the diagnostics Policy service is not running."
Then, I opened the service control Manager and try to start the DPS manually, but i get Windows could not start the service on Local Computer. Error 5: Access is denied.
I've tried several fixes posted on this and other forums, but without luck, so any new ideas will be very appreciated.


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Do you know how to use your Vista DVD to repair.

Go to BIOS set it to boot from DVD

Turn off computer

Put DVD in drive

Boot up and chose repair.


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Type services in search Then make sure.

Diagnost policy started and automatic. DO this one first. Then try repair. Try Internet, then try the others. This should be the problem

Go to network connection make sure set on started and manual

Net work list set to started and manual

Network location started and automatic

Network store started and automatic

But first thing make a restore point just in case.
diagnostic policy, network list and network location set as stated above but not running. Tried to start manually, but I get Error 5: Access is denied or Error 1068: the dependency service or group fail to start.
Don't have Vista DVD. Tried to repair in safe mode, but didn't fix the problem.