Device Management Shrink Volume is not working on C drive


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My C drive has lot space, nearly 170 GB free space. I do want to shrink C drive, and allocate that memory to another drive to keep files. To do so I am using shrink volume option in device management window. When I clicked on Shrink volume it showing 0 MB is allowed to shrink, even though it has lot of memory unused. Please help.

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Excellent Yard Dog. I did a bunch of searching in the windows help file trying to find a possible solution and ended up with nothing. I hope this works.


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You will not be able to shrink C:\ with Disk Management because the MFT (master file table) is sitting high up in the partition and Disk Management cannot move it.

What you need is the bootable CD of Partition Wizard (last entry on the webpage). Burn this .iso to CD and load it from the CD reader (change the BIOS boot sequence). That program can move the MFT and you can shrink as much as there is free space. I would, however, not make C:\ too small - maybe 60 to 80GB.

Btw. You do not "allocate memory to another drive". You allocate disk space to another partition. Memory is RAM and a drive is a physical disk.