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My Dell XPS M1530 Vista SP2 all of sudden had the icon for volume/sound disabled. When I did some investigating;
- The machine seems to be working fine but it appear to be very slow, backing up my machine took for ever, sometimes it see my external disk and other times it didn't
- I received a message stating that I need to check windows latest update and I tried to install an important SP2 but it failed
- Device Manager is showing no device, it's looks completely empty
- called Dell support, they were unable to figure it out, even though I have 3 year warranty they are saying they will have to charge me for s/w support, which was never a problem before.
- I tried to do restore but it states there is no restore points
- I tried to see if I could start the Plug & Play but it gives error
- I tried to install the Audio driver from the Dell Disk and that gives errors

I really need some help!


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I had run a malwarebytes Anti-malware earlier and it found nothing. I went to the website you provided and download the free version and it stated everything was fine but I would need to purchase the full product. I rather not purchase a product especially if I don't think it's going to fix it.

I appreciate the help, but no success. I really don't want to reinstall the entire OS all over again.


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Hi Rickard

My reply is out of order since I had problem with my laptop when putting the first reply back.

To reply back to you advice below to read "Device Manager empty or blank in Windows?", I had already done all the step was unable to change the rededt32 and/or start the plug and play.

I appreciate the help, but it appears I will have to reinstall the entire OS since there is something really not right. I am suspecting some type of virus attack and spyware taking over my control since I am unable to edit ENUM because it states I have no permission and I have admin access.

It's not what I expected for Memorial Day, but I hope you have a better day myself and I appreciate the help.
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