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did not see a video forum


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hey guys.. ok i am no were near good with computers.. ok but i do have a problem.. i have been reading on VIDEO LAG. i googled it.. found somethings that did not help.. i dont know what os i have. but i do have a side bar.. i think that can tell you what from of vista i have.. i dont know anything about this computer.. it was a gift.. its a hp lap top. thats all i know.. ok down to the problem.. the only videos i want to watch is on mlgpro.com. i dont have to download it or anything.. its the type of video that is on the web page when you bring it up.. the sound work fine ***only if i dont have other stuff up**** such as other taps.. but the video works fine for the first 3 to 4 sec when i first bring it up.. then it stops for about 10 sec.. while the sound is still playing. then it plays for about 4 secs but it lags really bad. i am letting it buff so i know its not that.. i took off all the accouts that were on it.. alot of the other stuff that i dont use but it still does it.. i defraged it. dont know if that would help anyway.. can anyone help me? oh if a mod moves this post to another forum let me know were it is.. i dont know anything about this site.. thx guys
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