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Disk Cleanup ?

First off, I am no computer wiz, so please keep it as simple as possible.

I ran Disk Cleanup and found several large items that I was wondering if it's OK to clean them? Attached is a pic of the Disk Cleanup Window in 3 sections. Underlined in purple are the things I'm not sure about. Are these things all safe to clean?
I googled the "Per user archived Windows Error Reporting files" And some people stated they lost all their programs when cleaning this section.

Thanks. Your help is greatly appreciated.
Hello J, and welcome to Vista Forums.

That problem was only if you had a the bug where the error report files were large GB sizes instead. Since you do not, it will be safe to check and delete those items. :)


Thanks Brink.

1. So does that go for all the underlined stuff or just that one?
2. I assume the link you posted was just for info only and it's not something I need to do, Right?
3. Also I read that deleting the Hibernation thing will disable it. I realize I can enable it again if I want but how does disabling it affect the computer?

I also wanted to mention that my OS is 32 bit, in case that makes a difference. I have no idea what that even means but I thought it was worth mentioning.
Thanks again.


Staff member
Anytime J.

Q1) Yes, it's safe to delete all of them.

Q2) Yeah, it was just for information and reference.

Q3) Well, if you do not use hibernate, then disabling it will give you back that bit of hard drive space that was used by the hibernation file.
Q4) No, it will still be the same whether you had a 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) bit version of Vista. You can read more about the differences between the two in the articles in the link below if you would like though.