Diskeeper 15 by Condusiv No Longer Supports Vista


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Diskeeper15 (just announced) by Condusiv Does Not Support Vista

I've been using Diskeeper Professional for years as it's a great defragger, but was just advised by them that version 12 is the last one that will support Vista.
Now only Windows 7 and upwards.

"Microsoft Extended support includes security updates which can break products but no Non-security updates which will often fix these.

Additionally, Extended support does not include consumer software.

We cannot support our new products under such circumstances."
That gives me yet another reason to upgrade this thing to 7, which I can do as I have a spare key for Ultimate.
(The other reason was MS's announcement recently that upgrades to 10 would be free for 7 and 8/8.1 users for a year after 10's release.)

Posting this in case anyone else receives a similar note from their software vendor. Vista's days are definitely numbered it would seem.

This came as quite a surprise to me considering that Windows basic defragmenter is made by them.
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