Don't disable 'Cryptographic Services' service, otherwise...


New Member'll have a problem with all programs that need UAC elevation

Firstly, immediately after booting with absolutely no errors, UAC classifies virtually every program that needs elevated rights in order to run as from Unknown Publisher, and pops up the famous 'Allow/Cancel an unidentified program wants access to your computer'. (after clicking on allow, though, the intended-to-run program runs just fine)

Then, after a while, UAC doesn't start at all and all that shows (for the same class of programs) is the 'The service cannot accept control messages at this time' error message

You may wonder why I posted this thread :) well... first I wrote it as a problem for which I hoped to get help here, and then decided to post anyway because some of the vista users who want to slim down the services load may encounter this "self-solving" "problem" ;)

Peace to you all

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