Dot Net Framework crashes Firefox


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Ok, I am a hockey freak and have NHL live. While I'm sitting waiting for a game to start, this message all of a sudden pops up.:mad:

Microsoft firefox add-ins causing problems??!!! Anybody seen this before or know why I'm getting this????

(Vista 64 SP2...4G memory, dual-core etc) Firefox 3.5.3 )


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Sure. there are two things you can do. iether upgrade it to the current version (like 3.x) or uninstall it. you can determine if thats the cause by restarting firefox in safe mode with no extensions


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Thanks for reply and advice zigzag. I have latest versions of ff and dot-net. Mitchell, that was it. FF disabled the MS plugin after the message first came up and I haven't had any problems since. FF also let me unintall it. That really pisses me off that MS would do such an underhanded thing without even telling anybody...

So uninstalling the plugin solved my problem. Thanks again for your help.