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I've been having problems logging into the Microsoft Answers forum for the past few weeks and have also seen the occasional "We are sorry, the page you requested cannot be found" message or a 502 web server error when I'm re-directed to the Microsoft Download Center after I click on the Vista links on Dalai's webpage at Search for Windows Updates takes forever? - A possible solution. However, these errors are transient and disappear if I wait a few minutes and try again.
I have also experienced such symptoms, but also only transiently. The problem I was having with KB3177725 was not transient. I must have tried more than once at several different times. But I just checked it again from my Vista machiine and, to my surprise, it worked, finally! I had seen it transiently once with KB3164033.

The problem is much worse if I use an insecure connection like a public WiFi hotspot ...
I am using my private LAN via secured Wi-Fi.

... Microsoft might be trying to enforce stricter code-signing requirements on the site that are causing timeouts and other problems when Vista users try to re-direct from Dalai's http (not https) site at Search for Windows Updates takes forever? - A possible solution.

It probably doesn't help that Dalai's webpage is hosted on a private server and he switched his ISP in August 2016. ...
I was consistently seeing the problem even when I followed the same ink from Microsoft's own site.

I guess it will remain a mystery, since whatever was causing it seems to be fixed now. I wonder if there was a fix at my end that was in one of the last 5 updates Windows Update installed yesterday. Since my immediate problem had been solved, I had not checked again since that.

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