How to Install and Use DreamScene in Vista Ultimate
Windows DreamScene is a Windows Ultimate Extra. With Windows DreamScene, you can change your desktop background to a video clip, which runs in a continuous loop. You can now have a animated desktop instead of just a plain wallpaper image.
How to Install and Use DreamScene in Vista Ultimate

information   Information
Windows DreamScene is a Windows Ultimate Extra. With Windows DreamScene, you can change your desktop background to a video clip, which runs in a continuous loop. You can now have a animated desktop instead of just a plain wallpaper image. For more information, see: Windows Help and How-to: About Windows DreamScene
Note   Note

  • Windows DreamScene supports only WMV and MPG video file formats. To use Windows DreamScene, you must be running Vista Ultimate, download Windows DreamScene as an Ultimate Extra, and use a video card that can support the Windows Aero color scheme. See: Microsoft Help and Support: Video Cards: FAQs
  • If you do not use the Windows Aero color scheme, then the DreamScene will not be animated.
  • The Dreamscene folder for Dream files is located at: C:\Windows\Web\Windows DreamScene
Tip   Tip
DREAMSCENE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS FOR: WINDOWS AEROSee: Windows Help and Support: Troubleshoot problems with Windows Aero

NOTE: The Windows Aero color scheme is not available for the Vista Home Basic version. :(
  • 1 GHz 32 bit or 64 bit CPU processor.
  • The computer needs at least 1 GB of RAM.
  • A graphics card with support for DirectX 9 graphics with 128 MB of memory.
  • The graphics card must support Pixel Shader 2.0 in hardware.
  • The graphics card driver must support Windows Vista Display Driver Model (WDDM)
  • The computer display color depth must be set to 32 bits per pixel.
warning   Warning
On some less powerful computers, Windows DreamScene can cause a significant performance impact. Some DreamScenes will use more of the CPU Usage than others. You can check in Task Manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC) under the Performance tab to see how much CPU Usage is being used by a particular DreamScene.


How to Install DreamScene

1. Open the Control Panel (Classic View).​
2. Click on Windows Update.​
3. Click on Check for updates in the upper right corner. (See screenshot below)​
NOTE: This may take a moment to finish.​
4. Under Windows Ultimate Extras, click on View available Extras.​

5. Check Windows DreamScene, and then click Install. (See screenshot below)​
NOTE: If it is not available, then check in Windows Features to see if you have Windows Dreamscene checked under Windows Ultimate Extras.

6. When Windows DreamScene is finished installing, click on Restart Now. (See screenshot below)​

7. After the computer has restarted, go back and repeat steps 1 to 4 again.​
NOTE: This is to download the Windows DreamScene Content Packs.​
8. Check Windows Dreamscene Content Pack and Windows Dreamscene Content Pack Favorites, then click Install. (See screenshot below)​
NOTE: No restart is necessary for these two.​
9. When they are finished installing, close the Windows Update window.​

10. After installation, you will notice that when you right click on the desktop, there is a new menu option.​
(See screenshot below)​
A) Pause DreamScene - This will pause a Windows DreamScene desktop background.​
B) Play DreamScene - This will unpause the Dreamscene from above to allow it to play again.​

Change DreamScene Desktop Background

1. Right click on a empty area of your desktop and click on Personalize. (See screenshot below)​

2. Click on Desktop Background. (See screenshot below)​

3. Click on the Location drop down list, and then click on Windows DreamScene Content. (See screenshot below)​
NOTE: For Windows Wallpapers, see: How to Change the Desktop Background Wallpaper in Vista

4. Select a DreamScene (video) you want on your desktop background. (See screenshot below).​
NOTE: Just hover your pointer over the DreamScene to see a prevew of it on your desktop without it being selected.​
5. Click on OK to select the highlighted DreamScene.​

Adjust the DreamScene Volume Level

1. Have a DreamScene selected from STEP TWO above and have it running.​
NOTE: The DreamScene must have audio included in it for there to be sound with it. (I know, duh.)​
2. Right-click the white Volume speaker icon in the Notification Area. (see screenshot below)​
NOTE: This is located at the bottom right hand corner of the Taskbar. If the Volume speaker icon is not there, then see: How to Enable or Disable the Notification Area System Icons in Vista
3. Click on Open Volume Mixer.​

4. Under Windows DreamScene - (See screenshot below)​
A) Under the slider control, click on the speaker button to enable and disable the Dreamscene sound.​
B) Slide the slider control up or down to set the volume level you want for the DreamScene.​

5. Close the Volume Mixer window.​
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Shawn Brink


When I try to enable DreamScene, it won't allow me because I'm using 2 video cards?

Is there any way around that or am I just stuck? :(
Hi JohnLug,

Welcome to Vista Forums. :party:

This may help you:

From: Windows Help and How-to: Troubleshooting Problems with Windows DreamScene

I get the message, "Windows Dreamscene cannot run........"

To run Windows DreamScene, you can disable one or more monitors, reduce the screen resolution of one or more monitors, or upgrade to a more powerful video card. For more information about changing the screen resolution and other display settings on multiple monitors, see Change display settings on multiple monitors.

Windows DreamScene does not work with your multiple monitor setup if your total desktop size exceeds the maximum texture size that your video card supports. Maximum texture size affects the visual details of video images. The total desktop size is the size of the virtual rectangle that encompasses all of your monitors. The size takes into account how you told Windows to position the monitors. For example, if you have two monitors side by side that are both running at a resolution of 1600 x 1200, your total desktop size is 3200 x 1200. If the same two monitors are stacked on top of each other, your total desktop size is 1600 x 2400. In an extreme example, if you have the same two monitors configured diagonally as shown in the image, your total desktop size is 3200 x 2400.

Hope it helps,
Hi NicksonBlue,

Do you have the Vista SP1 (Service Pack) RC1 installed?

You also have to have a video card that can run the Windows Aero color scheme.

Hi brink,

I have Vista SP1 RC1 installed

And have video card that run the Windows Aero color sheme.

and installed DreameScene
Hi NicksonBlue,

I noticed that installing the SP1 RC1 pretty much stops you from getting anymore Windows Updates. I have not had one since, plus it removed the Language Pack updates. You might try uninstalling the SP1 RC1 and downloading the the DreamScene Content Pack updates, then reinstalling the SP1 RC1.

How to Install and Uninstall the Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) Release Candidate 1 (RC1)

Hope this helps,

:sarc: I said i installed DreameScene ... I think i know why i don't have extra updates coz i just installed Ultimate ...:D

You did not answer if you have installed the SP1 or not from the previous post. This is why I mentioned it, since it can be a cause of you not having any updates for DreamScene. LOL

Hi Lee,

Thank you. Those were pretty nice, but I had to remove the link to it. When you clicked on them to download the Dream, the download page had pornography on it. We do not want a kid or unsuspecting person to find there way to that by accident.

Ok, so i installed Dreamscene and it says Successfully installed as shown here

But when i restart and right click on the desktop it does not show the menu option and in Background options it doesn't say Dreamscene wallpapers as you can see here

And here

I know its installed (i think) lol but i think its just a stupid vista problem :(
Hi Kurele,

Welcome to Vista x64 Forums. :party:

I'm not sure why it is not available. It appears that you have the Windows Aero color scheme running from the looks of the transparent windows. You might check Windows Updates again for the content packs and install them and any other DreamScene update available. Also try restarting the computer again. Maybe the update just did not finish updating yet.

If all else fails, you can use DreamScapes. Personally, I like it better.

How to Enhance Windows Vista DreamScene with Stardock DeskScapes

Hope this helps,
Of course this worked, and the vids that come with dreamscene work and look fine, but i have to stretch them to fit my 22" widescreen, and other videos, just look horrid stretched.

Nice little bell/whistle, prolly end up turning it off though. Thank you once again, yet another straight forward tutorial.

I had sp1 installed prior to attempting this tutorial.