Drive Name Change

This will show you how to rename a drive to whatever you want it to be displayed as in Vista.
How to Rename a Drive in Vista

information   Information
This will show you how to rename a drive to whatever you want it to be displayed as in Vista.
Tip   Tip
If your default drive name is missing or was changed and you did not do it with the methods below, then look for a hidden autorun.inf when you open the drive letter in Computer and right click on the autorun.inf file and click on Delete. Next, approve the deletion.

EXAMPLE: Before and After Hard Disk Drive Rename
This is in the Computer (Start menu) window. (METHOD ONE)
Before_Rename.jpg After_Rename.jpg
EXAMPLE: Before and After DVD Drive Rename
You will notice that for Devices with Removable Storage there is no Rename option when you right click on the device. (METHOD TWO)
Before.jpg After.jpg

For Hard Disk Drives

1. Open the Start menu.​
2. Click on the Computer button. (See screenshot below)​

3. In the Computer window, right click on the drive and click Rename. (See screenshot below)​

4. Type in a name you want to be displayed for the drive and press Enter. (See screenshot below)​

5. Click on Continue in the Access Denied prompt. (See screenshot below)​

6. Click on Continue in the UAC prompt.​
7. When done, close the Computer window.​

For Devices with Removable Storage
Note   Note
For example, a DVD drive. This will also work for all the other drives with drive letters too.
CREDIT TO: Member: AvatarOfTheShip

1. Open the Start Menu.​
2. In the white line (Start Search) area, type regedit and press Enter.​
3. Click on Continue button in the UAC prompt.​
4. In regedit, go to: (See screenshot below step 5)​

5. In the left pane, right click on explorer.exe and click on New and Key.​

6. Type DriveIcons and press Enter. (See screenshot below)​
7. In the left pane, right click on DriveIcons and click on New and Key.​

8. Type the drive letter (EX: E) you want to change the drive name for and press Enter. (See screenshot below)​
9. In the left pane, right click on the drive letter (EX: E) and click on New and Key.​

10. Type DefaultLabel and press Enter. (See screenshot below)​
11. In the right pane, right click on (Default) and click on Modify.​

12. To Change the Drive Name
A) Type in a name (Ex: My DVD) and click OK. (See screenshot below step 13)​
B) Go to step 14.​

13. To Restore the Default Drive Name
A) Leave this empty and click OK. (See screenshot below)​
B) Go to step 15.​

14. The registry should look similar to this now. (See screenshot below)​

15. Repeat steps 9 to 14 if you want to add another drive letter icon to change.​
16. Close regedit.​
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Shawn Brink


Updated 2-8-2008 to include METHOD TWO for devices with removable storage, like a DVD drive.

I have 2 virtual CD/DVD drives that I use for mounting ISO images. They show up in
windows explorer as
(S: DVD Drive
(T: DVD Drive

I applied the method 2 registry changes to rename to Virtual Drive. The results were
(S: DVD Drive - Virtual Drive
(T: DVD Drive - Virtual Drive

It appended the registry key name to the existing name. Is there any way to completely rename the drives so that it will appear as
(S: Virtual Drive
(T: Virtual Drive
Hi Dennis,

Welcome to Vista Forums. :party:

Not that I'm aware of. I could only get to add the name to the end too.

Sorry, :(
I experience the same problem as dennisthemenace with the DVD drive/virtual drive.
But it works fine for my multi card readers and ReadyBoost USB key.
It does not work for the card reader of my networked printer (I.e.: a mounted drive from a networked location)

Renaming DVD/CD ROM Drives

My question is:

I changed the names according to the directions in the post. Now I have something that looks like this: DVD RW Drive G: Dell DVD Burner or DVD RW Drive I: Samsung. I want to get rid of the beginning part, DVD RW Drive. Is it possible?
Thanks for this post. I had a problem changing the drive name on a Win 7 X64 machine and this tip did the trick. Thank you! :)