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Solved Driver not Validated Error

Hey thur. First time poster. I've been having an error where the igxp driver gets killed and then revives multiple times during one game (it plays well with games like Tron 2.0, Postal, and Fable but it crashes on Age of Mythology. I mean, really?).

After much searching, I was told to just update the driver and that might fix it.
However, the driver update that I downloaded came straight from Gateway but won't install. It's kind of what happened to this guy: http://www.vistax64.com/vista-performance-maintenance/130001-video-driver.html
It unpacked just fine and all the files are in the CAB folder, but when I click Setup.exe it immediately says it hasn't been validated and won't install.

How can I get around this and make it install regardless?

I just got the driver for the specific chipset from the INTEL website. This -also- is not validated and will not complete the install.
So I have two different versions that cannot install. Need help, pl0x.
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Nevermind. I got it all working now.

I made a restore point and then uninstalled the graphics driver in the Device Manager and then installed the new driver from there. Apparently it's some sort of workaround that bypasses the validation check? Not sure, but it certainly got the driver installed.


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