Drivers are causing computer to resume slowly


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Not sure how to correct this problem. I went to Intel site, but not really helpful. When i checked to see if there were conflicts , it says it is working properly. Need help please.


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Try uninstalling the intel graphics drivers and reinstalling them. Also try removing that usb sm reader.


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Hi, thanks for the reply.
To explain further:
I am not sure how to remove that usb reader. I don't want to mess up something and i know that's easy to do. Also, if i uninstall the Intel graphics drivers, will i need a cd or are they on my computer? Sorry, i do know some about computers, but still leary to do things without making sure.
Hi Kathy
Welcome to Vista Forums.

I will do everything I can to help you with this problem.

If you need help with uninstalling the drivers, I can help. I can also help with reinstalling. If you list your exact model number (Usually on the front or back of a tower, or on the bottom of a laptop) It would help alot. This way I can get the correct drivers for your exact hardware.

I hope I can help!