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DVD Ripper

I don't know for how long, but for right now, the full version of Fair Use Wizard 2.8 is available free from their website. Just be careful during installation to deselect the thing to install the toolbar.
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One of the reasons I backup/copy my DVDs is if I am going on a course/conference. I take my laptop and the copies. I dont like to take the origanals incase they get damaged. So long as you are not selling or giving them away you should be ok.
Hi i tried that Fair Use that was recommended downloaded no problem but as with most of the rippers i have tried they seem to be overly complicated . I have some instructional Guitar DVDs that i want to put on my Hard Drive that's all just put the DVD in the laptop click save to my documents job done but all these choices i am faced with baffle me and i end up uninstall the programme
can somebody educate me

Cheers Dave
Cheers worked a treat next question how do i get it to play on media player not a major problem as the best thing since sliced bread my FLV player will play it just wondered if it's a simple task

Thanks Dave
Hi, being the proverbial newbie, forgive me if this is answered in a different thread. Will those programs - Shrink and ImgBurn run on Vista Ultimate x64?


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Yes they will run fine,

dvd decrypter and autoGK can covert movies from dvd (4.5gb) to AVI format (700mb) Just look in the links I provided above.