Easy transfer from Vista 64bit to Windows 7 32bit problem, HELP!


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Ok my old laptop is Vista 64bit and my new one is Windows 7 32bit. I have the correct Easy Transfer software on both computers but when I connect the 2 to transfer it tells me I cannot transfer files from 64bit to 32bit, REALLY? Is there anyway this can be accomplished? Please help! I have an external HD and have my Vista Laptop backed up on it, can I just plug this in to the new Windows Vista 32bit laptop and transfer what I would like? :confused:



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Transfer from 64 bit to 32 bit is not supported by Easy Transfer. May I suggest back up your documents and pictures and then use the back up to put them on the new OS. Programs must be reinstalled and can never be transfered via Easy Transfer. Favorites can be exported to a hard drive or even a USB device.
That being said Easy Transfer has found to be deficient in several areas, by many members, as it was not dependable. Any problems (virus etc) will also be transferred bye Easy Transfer.
Only area that you will have to set from scratch are your personal settings, desktop etc..
Take a little longer and have an OS that is of the highest quality.

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