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Email once...but never twice.

Okay, I have a desktop computer running one admin account and two standard users. On the standard user account (only one is used to retreive email) I can send/receive email (outlook 2007) no problem, but only the first time I log in (after a system reboot). When I logoff the standard user, and relogin, I can no longer send/receive email anymore or telnet (more below). On the admin account, no issues on first or subsequent log-ins to send/receive or telnet (more below).

Now thinking it may have been a "email" issue, I tried microsoft mail, with the same result. As a matter of fact, it isn't even the email client that is the issue. I have tested without even launching any email clients, and just used telnet, and the same issue, telnet works the first time I log in, but as soon as I logoff user account (standard), and re-login, I get the "Could not open connection to the host", thinking it may have been a parental control, I ran the command prompt as administrator (from the standard account), and got the same result "Could not open connection to the host"

So, it appears that some port/ports attempting to communicate (that are used by email and telnet, not even sure if it is incoming or outgoing) are being blocked, and not allowing the connection. Internet works fine throughout this.

The telnet call to the pop server was just a call for the pop/smtp server to respond, so it has nothing to do with username or password.

If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.


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