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Hi - I am running Vista Ultimate, Windows Live Mail and Word 2000. I can not email a displayed document directly from Word. The email icon is greyed out.

I would prefer to not have to move to a later version of Word as with all Microsoft products MS seems intent on taking things that were simple and making them aggrivatingly complicated and annoying. My kingdom for a 'Don't Think For Me' button.

Anyway, rants aside, can anyone tell me:

1) Is there a way to be able to email (not as an attachment) from Word 2000 in my environment (using Windows Live Mail).
2) Which versions of Word can you email from using Windows Live Mail? For example, if I upgrade to Word 2007 :mad: can I then email? Or from Wird 2008?

I really need this feature as it is a backbone of our internal documentation and reporting system.... I will suffer a Word upgrade if I have to, but just want to make sure it will work before I take the plunge.

Thank you so much or any advise you can give.


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Thanks! I can not use WM as the contacts do not default as you type. I know there is a switch that is supposed to turn it on, but it does not. As it seems is often with MS the most useful features are not tested. With over 300 contacts that is a show stopper for me and would have caused me to wipe Vista and reload with XP so I could have Outlook Express back. Fortunately I found Windows Live Mail.

Now my last major issue is being able to email from Word. I would imagine if you can from WM then WLM should work with Word 2007.

If anyone else is running WLM and can use the Sent To Email Recipient (not the one that is 'as attachment'), I would appreciate to know which version of Word you are on.

Thanks So Much!


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I hope it could work with WLM, i just do not know.
With regards to email client, i use only WM as a news reader, for the emails i use Dreammail which is a chinese proggy :)
I use it since it started and after quite a few bug's repairs, it works like a charm mainly with the contact list (it imports contacts from main email softwares)
We developped it mainly in France but it is also in english.
It is a stand alone prog if you download it zipped and really you could have a try.

DreamMail Email Client - DreamMail Europe

Though, there is still a "on purpose bug" in Vista, when you declare any email progs as "default", they are not shown in the default progs, therefore i do not know how it could work with Word (i have to try it) as i always attach files.

If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to ring the bell.

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