Error Access violation at 0x004E669A

Karen Day

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Not sure if this will help others or help you, to help me.

I loaded a game (Crossword Genius) yesterday which came with the following Installation instructions for loading the program under Windows Vista.
The instructions work perfectly for the game and I can play the game (Crossword Genius) with or without User Account Control being on or off.

So I thought if I deleted the Acer Game Zone game "Jewel Match", a game I have been having problems with and then reloaded it and followed the same installation instructions then it might solve my problem.

I am getting the following error message when playing Jewel Match: Error Access violation at 0x004E669A (tried to read from 0x00000048, program terminated.
I found that having the User Control Off, then the game plays perfectly. With the User Control On, then the game freezes and the only way I can move on is to close using task manager. So with this particular game I can only play it with User Control Off.

Now I really need to have User Control ON as this is security element for my Acer Aspire 6930. "User Account Control (UAC) can help you prevent unauthorized changes to your computer".

So is there some other way that anyone knows of that can resolve this issue. Game Zone and Acer cant seem to help me.

The instructions are as follows:

The security features built into Windows Vista require that the software be installed using the procedure detailed here. If the procedure is not adhered to, accessing some features in the program will most likely cause the program to fail.
You must be logged in as the administrator to install the program on Vista.
1. Log in as Administrator and install the program 2. Turn User Account Control off as follows:

a. Click on Start
b. Click on Control Panel
c. Click on User Accounts and Family Safety d. Click on User Accounts e. Click on "Turn User Account Control On or Off"
f. Click on Continue
g. Uncheck "Use User Control" then click ok h. Run the program once and then turn User Account Control back on

Karen Day