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Solved Error Code: 80070652


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I have a series of 7 updates that I've been trying to download and install for a few days now, and all I keep getting is this error code (80070652) and failed updates. This is the third or fourth batch of updates I've had troubles with.

Any idea how to fix this problem?


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The Dell Support software that came pre-loaded on my computer was corrupted (sprtcmd.exe). After getting that off the computer everything that was wrong with the computer (and of course, none of the friendly folks at Dell could help) was fixed as well.

I found the file located in ProgramFiles\CommonFiles\Supportsoft\bin.

When I got rid of that program, all the Windows Updates installed.


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To uninstall the software, you'll want to do it from a safe-mode start.

I couldn't get it off from there so I had to buy and install SystemMechanic and scan my computer for corrupt software and have it remove it.
In case that didn't work for you, here is what worked for me:
I was experiencing same problem with Windows Vista Home Premium 32 Bit version. I fixed it using info from various sites. Being very specific: I opened “task manager” using control/alt/ delete keys simultaneously. Click process tab & select “show processes from all users”. Click “image name” column to sort alphabetically. Look for two different “msiexec.exe” processes. Click 1st one & click “end process” box at bottom right of task manager screen. Do the same for 2nd “msiexec.exe”. Close task manager. Go to control panel, Security, check for updates and click install updates. My system was then able to successfully complete previously failed updates. You may have to do it again if future updates fail.
Stopping “msiexec.exe" fixed all my software downloads. I have worked with quicken, turbotax, and dell software support with no luck. Thanks!!!!!!!!!
Thank you all so much! All my update issues are now solved for the moment.

After reading all the info here, I took a different approach.

I brought up Task Manager, clicked on Show processes from all users, and tried to find “msiexec.exe"--hmmmm, not there. I then found and stopped sprtcmd.exe twice. I was then able to install my failed MS OS, Word, and Excel updates successfully.

Just for grins and giggles, I tried to see if this would also fix my problem installing .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 and .NET Framework 3.5(KB951847; Error code 652) and once again, blessed success!!

Would someone kindly explain to me what "sprtcmd.exe" is and what it does.

Best wishes,
After reading this thread, I cured this error on a Windows 7 update.

Task Manager didn't show sprtcmd.exe, but there was a toaster.exe identified as a Dell program. I killed it and the update - which had failed 4 times - ran fine.