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Error uninstalling programs Vista32 after virus

Vista HP 32 Toshiba Laptop. Any attempt to uninstall many programs in add/remove list gets an error message: An error occurred while trying to uninstall...it may have already been uninstalled". Then it asks if I want to remove it from the list.

The programs I am trying to uninstall ARE working and ARE still installed. I am pretty sure this is a result of a virus and I'm trying to find the registry key (or whatever) that is causing this. IT APPEARS that programs installed before a given date are ok and can be uninstalled, and anything installed after that date cannot be uninstalled and I am guessing a virus did that to prevent itself from being uninstalled. There was a lot of junk on this computer but all scans (mbam,sas,mse) are clean now.
So if a virus did this, is this a registry key that can be repaired? I'd sure love to know which one it is, I cannot figure this out.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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Well it was too long ago to try the system restore, May 2012. I have already installed Revo and used that to clean up the junk (12 toolbars! kids!) which might have been part of the problem. I just wanted to return this college kid's laptop in normal working order. I can instruct him to use Revo instead. I would love to get a look at the registry key causing this (or whatever is causing it). But it's ok as is using Revo. Thanks for your help.

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