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excel workbook error / office standard 07

I figured if I put enough detail in here if would help get a better answer, system in sig.

Similar story as I have read. Home and student 2007 trial installed by Toshiba on my satellite. Office Depot says here, you need this, MSO standard 2007 upgrade. I install it works fine for several weeks then only in excel, I get the 1st error (see attached), stating VBA project is missing some component, I click ok then get a 2nd error (see attached) dialog box stating the workbook has lost VBA project and activeX controls ect. That shows the error log along with three other error log boxes each with different extensions (in 2nd attachment).

I have been through each of the menus under options making adjustments in order to eliminate the errors. I am not familiar with using the error logs to identify how to arrive resolution using that info.
I thought I would then do a uninstall of office standard 07 I had installed from programs and features. I could not I got the following 3rd error message stating a file is corrupted or not available and to run set up again from original source disc or download location, (see attached).

I have the original disc so I put it in, it loads the window comes up asking to open file folders or run set up. I click set up and get the same error message. I have been on MS knowledge base and have seen possible tedious solutions to conduct a manual uninstall.

On a side note home and student is still on my system and was not removed when I did the standard MSO 07 install. What further stinks is MS updates both home and student and standard when updates are performed.
Is there a simpler solution to performing a clean install of MSO standard or, is the fact I bought an upgrade and installed that the incorrect package to install over home and student. In reality what next.