Solved External monitor kicked off after an update, cant get it to connect correctly?

ms fixitplz

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i have just clean installed vista back into the compaq c500 and had no issues getting the external monitor up and displaying at that time. Yesterday it went into updates and restarted itself as normally would but when i signed in the display showed on the external but after the sign in the external went to saying something to the effects of no signal. i tried a few different things to get it back up but it wont display on external when it gets set that way, they both blink black then the external says signal and the laptop screen comes back up...if i try to change it on the intel graphics media accelerator drive thing that popped up after the update it blacks both screens out till i disconnect the extrenal then my laptop screen gets it back but none of the places ive looked with this issues tricks are working for it...anyone have any ideas how to get my external up again my daughter andd i dont like the laptop screens if we are using them at home.

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