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Firefox 3.5.7 conflicts with IE 7.0

Ted Ricks

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1. Firefox is my default browser although IE is residence with Vista Home Premium 32bit

2. I can open a Firefox browser and access an application but not be able to make it function, e.g. open Shutterfly and not be able to download photos to an album.

3. Once I either open IE or simply close FireFox, I am not able to open Firefox again.

How can I use Firefox as my browser? Where is the conflict with IE and can I turn IE off without deleting it (I use it to print out financial reports).

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Go to search, type turn windows features on and off

Then just uncheck IE.

You will be deactivating IE, not uninstalling.

You can get it back at any time.

Take care and

Good Luck

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Are you sure it's IE 7? If you do have IE 7, is there some reason why? Latest is IE 8, maybe updating IE to the current version would possibly help.

Another thing, you could uninstall, and reinstall firefox. And check your firefox add ons, if you have any. One or more may be causing a conflict. Disabling them one by one, re create the situation where the problem occurs, and see if it happens or not with them disabled.

Also, can you post a list of what Firefox add ons you are using?

And BTW, Firefox 3.6 final is supposed to be released tomorrow, the 21st.

So possibly installing 3.6 and if your IE is IE 7, then updating that to IE 8 as well.
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