Folder content preview with Blue vista folders


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Hi, I was wondering if this was possible...

I would like to change all the default yellow folders on my Vista Ultimate x64 system to the Teal/blue icons such as those in the User folders. Those icons however are specific for that particular folder ie: music user folder has a Blue folder with a CD and music symbol.

Within imageres.dll located in %SystemRoot%\system32\ there is a blue folder exactly the same as the others however it is generic - like a blue default folder.

I can change the default yellow folder to this one, HOWEVER, i would like to have the thumbnail contents previews to function as they do with the yellow folders - but with this blue icon as default. Sounds simple...but i cant find any way of doing it.

The customize tab states that if you change the folder icon, no content preview will be available - how do i get around this???

Any help is much appreciated...

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