Forced Hibernation


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My laptop is currently going hibernating at random after start-up and the problem is that once it does, it will consistently hibernate every minute or so again until I reboot. (Which leads to another cycle of hibernation.) I have already changed Hibernation to "Never" in power options but it still gives me this problem. I resorted to disabling hibernation completely. However, there will still be notifications popping up by my system telling me my that my system cannot go into hibernation mode because I disabled it.

It will be greatly appreciated if anyone can help me find out the root of this problem. Hibernation function is generally very useful for me especially in times of low battery and I will really like to enable this function again. I am using a LG R405A laptop (not a very new model) with Intel Pentium Dual CPU T2330 @1.60 GHz with Vista Home Premium 32-bit OS.

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