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Forgot my admin password. Here is the setup. I have Vista installed on C drive and I have windows 7 on X drive(partition). I can access windows 7 and in 'my computer' I can click and open C drive and go through all files on C drive(vista files). But I can't log into it and can't remember the password. So basically how can I recover the password or gain entry into vista? Thanks

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Hi dfs98,

HACKING IS ILLEGAL AND WRONG! IF THIS IS NOT YOUR COMPUTER, DO NOT FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS! If this is your Windows password (when you try to log onto your account) rather than your BIOS password, go to: and click “Bootdisk” at the top. Scroll down to about half-way to the download page. Download the latest CD release and extract the zip file.

Install the HP tool included with this post, start it, and select a blank memory stick. Make sure ALL data is backed up, as the memory stick will be wiped. Select FAT and type a Voulume name if you wish. Check create a DOS start up disk, and select the downloaded CD image.

Once you have made your memory stick, boot into it (you may have to change your BIOS settings) and then follow the instructions in the walkthrough provided by the site. I have included a copy of this walkthrough as a Word document. I have also listed a summary of which buttons to press. Follow these instructions exactly. This will work from NT to Windows 7, and so many options do not apply to Vista, and you will do much damage in running them.

Here is the summary (and included at the bottom of the document) :

· Enter
· Select Windows partion using numbers then enter
· Enter
· 1 then enter
· 1 then enter again
· Enter account name then enter
· 1 then enter
· ! then enter
· q then enter
· y then enter
· n then enter

I would recommend following the walkthrough, and only using the summary to check you have not missed a step. I would recommend printing off the walkthrough, though you could have it on another computer screen.



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